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Products & Services

Caribbean Fuels Sarl provides the complete bunkering service on the FWI islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe, and French Guiana (South America). We take pride in the professionalism of our staff, superiority of the products supplied and competitiveness of the prices. 
Marine Fuels
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The local refinery produces the following products: 

 - IFO 380 cSt, sulfur max 1.0%

 - IFO 180 cSt, sulfur max 1.0%

 - IFO 80 cSt, sulfur max 1.0%

 - MGO DMA, sulfur max 0.1%

 - Automotive diesel, sulfur max 10 ppm. 


Our modern fleet includes efficient multi-compartment trucks capable of delivering virtually any quantity. All trucks are fully certified.

In Guadeloupe and Martinique, we can also arrange the supply of heavy fuel oil ex-pipe (180 and 380 CST), in addition to RTW. 

Ex-pipe deliveries have the following restrictions:

 - max LOA 125 m (Guadeloupe)

 - max LOA 130 m (Martinique)

 - max draft is 7.5 m. 

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CARIBBEAN FUEL SARL has access to the entire marine and industrial range of such premium brands as Shell, Castrol and Total lubricants, which can be delivered in drums, pails or bulk, as per the client's requirement. More "exotic" grades can be specially ordered and delivered before vessel arrival.​


Credit and Financing

We understand how important liquidity and cash flow are for our clients, and offer credit facilities to ship operators and traders. We have implemented a strict credit management policy, which is a mix of credit reports, financial statements, in-house studies and an establishment of a credit Insurance policy with several renowned risk management companies. This ensures a safe handling of our commercial activities while providing us with the necessary flexibility to better serve our clients.

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