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About the Company Founder

CARIBBEAN FUELS SARL is managed by Denis Beauvarlet, a well-experienced Petroleum professional who started his career in the giant Japanese trading house Mitsui & Co Ltd in Paris, France, back in 1991. 

Since then he moved from one managerial position to another one, first as Country Manager for Shell in French Guiana, then as Commercial Manager for Shell Caribbean & Central America Ltd., and finally as Director of West Indies Petroleum Company, an independent French company active in the Caribbean at the time when the oil majors were pulling out of those markets (Shell, Exxon Mobil, Chevron-Texaco).

Subsequently, Mr. Beauvarlet launched his own group of companies, exclusively in the Oil and Petroleum sector. His first venture was Carotrad Sarl, followed by CARIBBEAN FUELS SARL, both registered in France, before he launched Caribbean Fuels America Inc in the USA, followed by C-Fuels America LLC in 2012.


Caribbean Fuels Sarl

CARIBBEAN FUELS SARL is a physical supplier of Marine Fuels in the French Caribbean islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe, as well as in French Guiana, South America. We supply high-quality marine gasoil (MGO) and heavy fuel oil (IFO 80, 180 and 380 CST, sulfur max 0.1%. Deliveries are performed by truck for MGO and 80 CST Fuel Oil, and ex-pipe for the higher viscosity Fuel Oils (180 and 380 CST). 


CARIBBEAN FUELS SARL is also a supplier of high-quality marine and industrial lubricants all around the Caribbean and Central / South America. In the Caribbean, we can also arrange the delivery by supply vessel, alongside a ship at anchorage. 

We export lubricants to several power plants and industrial customers in the Region as well as to other parts of the world (Africa, Indian Ocean).

About us
Marine Fuels
Marine & Industrial Lubricants

CARIBBEAN FUELS SARL was launched on a beautiful island of Guadeloupe, in 2000, and since then has established a reputation for quality, reliability and great market knowledge.  

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